Heart of the Swarm Map Hack

Climb the laddder easily with the New Starcraft 2 hacks

This new updated Heart of the Swarm Map Hack has some very interesting and useful features that you can use to gain an advantage over your adversary. Some of the features include a new improved map  hack, the new auto creep spread hack,auto inject, auto blink and a very powerful drop hack.

heart of the swarm hacks

    • MapHack – This option will remove the fog of war and reveal all enemy units in the map.
    • DropHack – Losing the game? Drop them dead. With the new revamped HOTS Drop Hack you will keep your profyle clean of losses
    • Health bar of enemy units is displayed
    • Auto Creep Spread – Another option for you zerg players, to make multitasking and macroing easier.
    • Auto Blink – With auto blinkstalker micro you will look like a pro and save most of your units with ease.
    • Auto Inject – This is a fantastic option if you are a zerg player. This option will enable auto injection giving you more room and time to concentrate on other tasks.

    Hope you enjoyed this new version of our Heart of the Swarm Map Hack still in beta of this great starcraft 2 hacks, this is going to be temporary and i will remove it when it gets 1000 downloads.This is my thanks to the community and all the things they have done, because if you want to be a pro gaming player you still need to use hacks, specially if you want to train and know your skillz better.Use this program wisely and respect the newbies, train with it with your friends and become one of the best pro gaming players.